Property legal assistance.
Details of the Property legal assistance offered.

www. indianpropertiesinfo. com with its  many years of experience  and
knowledge in the field of  property documents verification  and property
background investigation and verification  is now offering following said
property related legal assistance / investigation service through a panel
of experienced approved property legal consultants and investigators :

1) Verifying the property documents.           
2) Arranging property related documents.  
3) Offering legal opinion for the properties.
4) Obtaining certified copies for properties.
5) Obtaining conversation orders for lands.
6) Obtaining construction plan approvals.   
7) Obtaining NOCs from KIADB and BDA.  
  8) Property background investigation report.
9) Arranging partition deeds for properties.
10) Handling all types of property litigations.  

for availing above services, kindly contact :
Mobile : 092422 12107 / 093428 66055.
Phone : 080 - 6567 1763 / 6563 5125.

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