100% EOU Mushroom plant on NH 4 in Bangalore
is available for sale.

Indigenous technology based clear titled 100% EOU Mushroom plant
on  NH 4  in  Bangalore  is available for sale  with  own land, building,
Power,  24 hrs Water,  Machineries / equipments, etc., facilities.

Following said is the infrastructure / details of the mushroom plant :
*   Production capacity of this mushroom plant is 1000 tons per annum.
*   24 growing rooms of size 20' x 50' with insulated wall for 12 rooms, each fitted with (AHU)
     air handling unit with pipeline laid from chilling tank connected with 10 HP motors.
*   Specially designed 2 Nos of compost tunnels of dimension 15' x 50' with 7.5 HP AHU
     with steamline connected from boiler having capacity to pasterise 40 tons of compost.
*   600 kgs / hr capacity NON - IBR Boiler connected with pipelines to Compost tunnel,
     Growing rooms and Casing soil pasteurisation chamber.
*   Casing soil pasteurisation chamber is of 12' x 15' size.
*   Compost yard is of 60' x 90' dimension.
*   Pre - wetting area is of 60' x 90' in size.
*   Ammonia cooling tower with tank (size = 30' x 30').
*   2 Ammonia compressors (KC - 6) of 150 ton capacity each connected to chilling tank
     and cooling tower with condensers and receivers.
*   The Chiller tanks are of 50,000 lts capacity.
*   Panel board with electrical cables connected to the compressors & motors.
*   2 Numbers of 12.5 tons capacity compressors is available with chilling tank & cooling tower.
*   The water storage sump tank is of one lakh litres capacity.

Current status of the project.
The trial production was  carried out for a  period of one year  and
the quality of the produce obtained was of international standard.

The commercial production is due for commencement because of
requirement of  additional investment of Rupees 1 Crore  towards
finishing the Building, purchasing Power, Machinery, Genset, etc.,

Details of the offer for sale / financial participation.
Enquiries for outright purchase of the above said project is solicited, as well
offers for  financial participation  from  investors  for  the  commencement  of
commercial  production  on  mutually  acceptable  terms  are  also  solicited.

Details of the property location.
On NH 4, Tumkur road, Makali, Bangalore.

Some of the highlights of the property location.
1) Situated on NH 4 Tumkur road, at 18th km from Vidhana soudha, Bangalore. 2) Market for button mushrooms is very good in Bangalore as well as abroad. 3) During trial production total produce was instantaneously sold & encashed. 4) The project is available for sale on company transfer basis. 5) Ideal investment option for long term capital gains. 6) Easily accessable from all areas of Bangalore.
for more details contact :
Mobile : 93437 47310.
Phone : + 91 080 6567 1763 / 6563 5125.
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